Global Geothermal Alliance Events at the Iceland Geothermal Conference

24 April 2018 |Reykjavik, Iceland

Two events of the Global Geothermal Alliance (GGA), will take place in the framework of the Iceland Geothermal Conference.

The first event, titled Geothermal Direct Utilisation and Food Security, will provide the possibility to identify the key factors behind successful experiences and present partnership opportunities for projects and programmes related to direct uses of geothermal energy, with a focus on food and agriculture. Food security is one of the biggest concerns for developing countries, where geothermal energy could be used to heat greenhouses and sterilise soil to increase farmer productivity and off-season availability. It can also serve for drying, which helps preserve a wide range of foods. This could contribute to reduce food waste and result in substantial reduction in the drying space and time requirements, turning through domestic geothermal resources, food security challenges into potential drivers for economic development.

A second GGA event titled Regional Cluster workshop: Strategies for future collaboration, aims to strengthen collaboration between regional and national industry platforms, and will identify what strategies industry clusters can jointly develop or support to promote geothermal development globally.

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