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REmap Dominican Republic report launch
28 July 2016

RRA Egypt: Stakeholder Consultation Workshop
3 - 4 August 2016, Cairo, Egypt

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  • Solar Impulse 2: Flying the flag for solar power

    In its round-the-world tour, the plane Solar Impulse 2 has become a showcase for Sun-powered technology, featuring innovations which could have a bright commercial future. The plane can store enough energy in its batteries to fly through the night. "The plane has the wingspan of a 747 but only the weight of a car - it had to be designed with the principle of efficiency first and foremost," said Adnan Amin, head of IRENA. The breakthrough has been made possible by several technological advances by industry partners in the project.
    (Yahoo News, , 26 July 2016)
  • Interview Adnan Amin, head of IRENA: "Everything we see is pointing to transformational change"

    "Everything we are seeing is pointing to transformational change in the energy sector", says Adnan Z. Amin, Director-General of IRENA. “We don’t need a miracle, it’s already happening.” Amin, under whose leadership IRENA has become the world’s fastest-growing intergovernmental organisation with over 170 member countries, says that renewables are growing much faster than most people realise.
    (Energy Post (Netherlands), 13 Jul 2016)


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