Workshop "Doubling the Share of Renewables: Roadmap to 2030"

On 5 September, IRENA organised a workshop entitled “Doubling the Share of Renewables: Roadmap to 2030”, in St. Julian’s, Malta. The aim of the workshop was to engage IRENA Members and other stakeholders in the development of IRENA’s Global Renewable Energy Roadmap. This roadmap is being developed for IRENA Members, and in support of the UN Secretary-General’s Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative. IRENA’s Global Renewable Energy Roadmap explores several paths to operationalize the aspirational target of doubling the share of renewables in the global energy mix. Furthermore, the roadmap examines how renewable energy and renewable-energy enabling technologies could support SE4ALL’s other objectives, of achieving universal access to modern energy services, and doubling the rate of energy efficiency improvements.

The specific objective of the workshop was to collect country information and feedback on the draft Global Renewable Energy Roadmap. Members of IRENA including Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America, attended the workshop and country experts presented their national plans and potential for renewable energy deployment up to 2030. The potential for further country engagement in the development of IRENA’s Global Renewable Energy Roadmap was also discussed.

Background document


Introduction to workshop: Doubling the share of renewables
Ruud Kempener, IRENA

IRENA’s Global Renewable Energy Roadmap
Ruud Kempener, IRENA

Hisashi Hoshi, Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

Ellen von Zitzewitz, Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Germany

Building the Renewable Energy Sector in Saudi Arabia
Ibrahim Babelli, King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, Saudi Arabia

UAE Energy Outlook: Factors for global renewable energy roadmaps
Rouda Al-Otaiba, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, United Arab Emirates

U.S. Perspective: Doubling Renewable Energy
Carla Frisch, Department of Energy, United States of America

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