Planning for Solar and Wind

IRENA’s new report offers guidance on long-term issues and concerns around the large-scale integration of variable renewables in the power grid.

  • February 2017

Transforming the Power Sector, at IRENA Ministerial Meeting

Global energy leaders gathered at IRENA's Ministerial Roundtable to discuss the ongoing power sector transformation.

  • January 2017

Today’s Legislation for Tomorrow

Law makers from around the world met to discuss the next steps for renewable policies and regulations in the energy transformation.

  • January 2017

Finding a Way to Transform Energy on Islands

IRENA 7th assembly delegates met to discuss how Small Island Developing States can be supported to become sustainable and self-sufficient with renewables.

  • January 2017

Energy Community Gathers at IRENA's 7th Assembly

From 14 to 15 January 2017, IRENA's 7th assembly will gather government officials from over 150 countries, and representatives from the private sector, civil society and international organisations.

  • January 2017

IRENA’s Year in Review 2016

A look back at IRENA activities and achievements during 2016.

  • January 2017

Simulating Bioenergy Potential

A new IRENA online simulator, estimates potential yields of bioenergy produced anywhere in the world, and is looking to the public to help validate its data.

  • December 2016

Green Gold: Growing Jet Fuel in the Desert

Thirty kilometres from the bustle of downtown Abu Dhabi, lies a remarkable undertaking that could one day change the environmental impact of air travel.

  • November 2016

Coalition for Advancing Low Carbon Fuels Launches at COP22

A massive scale-up in renewable energy deployment is vital to fully decarbonize the global energy system by 2050.  

  • November 2016

IRENA Convenes Ministers at COP22 to Address Renewables for Africa

Ministers and senior officials from government, international organizations, development institutions and civil society gathered at COP22 in Marrakech on Monday to discuss the pathways to meet African climate objectives with renewable energy.

  • November 2016