Renewables at the Heart of G20 Hamburg Energy Action Plan

Leaders of the world’s biggest economies envision renewables' key role in economic growth.

  • July 2017

A Renewable Future Lecture Series in Bonn

IRENA and the University of Bonn’s lecture series highlights the challenges for a future powered by renewables.

  • July 2017

Renewable Energy Efforts Scaled-Up in Central America

National and regional stakeholders met in Panama to discuss the methodologies used in CECCA and to validate the findings from IRENA’s RRA Panama.

  • July 2017

Europe Showcases Renewable Energy Progress at EU Sustainable Energy Week

EU Sustainable Energy Week gathers leaders from across renewable energy landscape

  • July 2017

Nurturing Innovation for a Low-Carbon Future

New paper from IRENA sheds light on the conditions needed for renewable energy innovation to flourish.

  • June 2017

Central Asia Aims for Sustainability

Countries pledge to further boost renewables through regional collaboration with IRENA.

  • June 2017

Growing Sustainably with Bioenergy

IRENA, FAO and IEA agree bioenergy can help meet sustainable development goals.

  • June 2017

IRENA Global Atlas 3.0: Resource data for renewable energy professionals

Upgrade to IRENA’s renewable energy prospecting platform fosters user collaboration for developing more renewable projects.

  • June 2017

Future Energy, at Astana Expo 2017

Starting this week, Expo-2017 in Astana, will kick-off. World leaders, innovators, interested citizens and IRENA, will be there.

  • June 2017

IRENA’s 13th Council Convenes

Convening from 23 to 24 May, the 13th Council attracted registrations from over 300 delegates representing 110 countries.

  • May 2017