Renewable energy project facilitation

Renewable energy projects face challenges on the institutional, policy and regulatory level and the market and project level. There is also a perception of high technology risk, cumbersome administrative procedures, insufficient transparency in the project cycle, as well as limited access to institutional and commercial financing instruments. In the absence of proper planning, the effective development of renewable energy projects can be hindered by obstacles such as lack of capacity to develop bankable project proposals, insufficient access to transparent financing options, and lack of access to project stakeholder networks.

To improve project quality, market visibility, access to finance, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) facilitates renewable energy project development and financing via its online platforms:

Marketplace homepage

Project facilitation activities support the deployment of renewable energy projects by helping project developers secure financing more efficiently and supporting investors and lenders to build stronger project portfolios. The benefits of project facilitation include increasing financing flows towards renewable energy projects, strengthening the renewable energy project development base, enhancing the quality of renewable energy project proposals, linking renewable energy project stakeholders via hubs and networks and disseminating knowledge and information on bankable renewable energy projects.