REview for Parliamentarians

The REview for Parliamentarians is a periodic brief on renewable energy, issued by IRENA as a tool to engage with parliamentarians and offer support, by sharing the latest knowledge, experience and best practices on renewable energy socio-economic benefits and on specific related topics, such as the issue of energy access or climate change.

The REview for Parliamentarians is translated into French and Spanish.

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ISSUE 5 - Energy access and decentralised solutions

Access to modern energy services is central to achieving development goals, including those related to poverty eradication, ending hunger, improving health, education and gender equality. To achieve universal electricity access by 2030, the current pace of expansion of off-grid renewable energy must almost double.

ISSUE 4 - Special Edition: 2017 IRENA Legislators Forum

This special edition gives a full account of the discussions held during the second Legislators Forum held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in conjunction with the Agency’s seventh annual Assembly. Parliamentarians interested in renewable energy gathered from 15 countries and the European Union, to discuss best practices, opportunities and challenges in promoting renewables, and ways to establish an enabling legal framework.

ISSUE 3 - Declining Costs and Jobs Creation

The renewable energy sector has become a significant employer, with the potential for creating millions of jobs worldwide in the coming years. This dynamism is partly triggered by the unpreceded decrease in costs.

ISSUE 2 - Renewable Energy and the Climate Change Issue

Issued in the aftermath of the Paris Agreement, this REview for Parliamentarians analyses renewable energy as a mitigation tool to combat climate change.

ISSUE 1 - Solar PV Power Generation

The first issue of the REview for Parliamentarians examines the developments in renewable energy and places a particular focus on solar PV power generation, a renewable energy technology that has emerged rapidly as a cost-competitive solution