Eligibility Criteria Applied


Members of IRENA, Signatories of the Statute, or States-in-Accession, that are developing countries on the OECD “DAC List of ODA Recipients”. Preference will be given to IRENA Member countries. Download the eligible country list.

Renewable Energy Technology
  • Projects should deploy “tried and tested” renewable energy: bioenergy (for example biogas, biomass and waste to energy), geothermal energy (projects beyond exploratory drilling stage), hydropower, ocean energy (including inter alia tidal, wave and ocean), solar energy, wind energy and/or hybrid technologies.
Project Stage
  • Projects must be beyond feasibility study stage and pre-implementation stage, but prior to tendering, procurement and execution at point of selection.
  • Projects must provide a full feasibility study including an economic analysis at the Full Project Proposal stage.
Government Support
  • Applications can be submitted by governmental, semi-governmental, private or non-governmental entities but must have the support of, and must be prioritised by the government of the country where the project is to be implemented.
Government Guarantee

All applications should be supported by a government guarantee letter, issued by the ministry or the authority that deals with the international cooperation and borrowing affairs of the country.

There are two different templates to be used for this letter, depending on if you are:

  1. A government entity submitting the project – template 1
  2. A semi-governmental/private/organisation/NGO submitting the project – template 2

background information note can be used to engage with the respective government entities involved in the international borrowing affairs of countries, about the ADFD requirement for a government guarantee.