Statistics Training

IRENA organises regional trainings to build capacity for the collection, analysis and reporting of renewable energy statistics.The presentations and exercises below, which are used in our regional trainings, cover topics such as basic concepts in energy statistics, data collection strategies and data validation and estimation.

Training Presentations and Exercises :

  1. Why collect renewable energy statistics
  2. Overview of renewable energy
    1. Presentation
    2. Overview exercise 1
    3. Overview exercise (Answers)
  3. Introduction to energy statistics
    1. Presentation
    2. Balance exercise
    3. Balance exercise (Answers)
  4. IRENA renewable energy template
  5. Assessment of data needs and capacity
  6. Data sources and collection strategies for renewable energy
    1. Presentation
    2. Data audit exercise
  7. Data validation and estimation
    1. Presentation
    2. Solar PV exercise
    3. Solar water heaters exercise
    4. Biogas Exercise
    5. Woodfuel exercise
    6. Bagasse Exercise