Central Asia Regional Initiative

Central Asia possess vast, and largely untapped, renewable energy potential. Countries in the region are at different levels of readiness for the adoption of renewable energy solutions and further action is necessary to address the challenges hindering accelerated deployment in the region.

Through an intensive consultative process with the countries in the region, including the Central Asia Consultation Meeting in Baku (October 2016) and the Regional Workshop on Renewable Energy in Central Asia in Abu Dhabi (April 2017), IRENA has identified key areas of support required for the accelerated deployment of renewables.

The key areas were reflected in the Astana Communiqué on Accelerating the Uptake of Renewables in Central Asia, which was released in the framework of the Energy Ministerial: Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Energy at the Astana EXPO in June 2017. IRENA supports the accelerated uptake of renewables in Central Asia through:

  1. Renewable energy statistics and data collection:
  2. Policies and regulations for renewable energy deployment:
  3. Integration of VRE in power grids:
  4. Resource assessments:
    • Ongoing preparations of suitability analysis for Central Asia.
  5. Project facilitation:
    • Activities under preparation.
  6. Raising awareness:
    • Advancing the understanding of the cost-effectiveness of renewables and related macro-economic and socio-economic benefits, along with facilitating regional dialogue to help improve the perception and visibility of renewable energy in Central Asia.