Capacity building

The ultimate objective of energy planning support is the development of country capacity for identifying and managing key energy statistics and translating data into robust energy planning, so to enable the development and update of comprehensive national energy plans and sound policies. 

IRENA delivers support to its Members through its capacity building activities. In its regional training workshops, the Agency has offered guidance to energy decision makers and planners by providing an overview of key long-term issues and concerns around the large-scale integration of variable renewables into the power grid, and to technical practitioners in the field of energy modelling with a catalogue of practical VRE modelling methodologies for long-term scenario planning. 

IRENA also offers support to countries for developing robust national energy masterplans. The support is provided through a mix of on-line software training and country-based training courses conducted by experts and partners. Throughout the training activities and the process of developing the national energy master plan, IRENA and partners accompany country teams through customised technical support, on-demand advisory services and review of draft outputs.

Further information on IRENA’s capacity building activities can be found in the links below:

Regional Training Workshops

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