System Planning Test (SPLAT) Models for Africa

 To date, IRENA developed power system models uniquely calibrated for 47 African countries to represent their national power system and regional interconnections that help national energy planners to assess the possible least-cost pathways for 20 years into the future. The SPLAT Africa models are built on IRENA’s rich renewable energy database, comprising up-to-date data on technology cost and performance and resource potentials. SPLAT models are customised with national and regional analyses and their respective input data, allowing decision makers to assess investment options in light of specific policy goals. The future system prospects are analysed through a least-cost optimisation framework for energy supply, built using the MESSAGE software from the International Atomic Energy Agency

The models are developed primarily to provide a robust starting point for IRENA’s energy planning capacity building training programmes.

The models have also been used to develop a series of reports. The regional definitions are according to the regional power pool members. They are:

  • Southern and Eastern Africa (2020)
  • Southern Africa (2013)
  • West Africa (2018 updates, 2013)
  • Central Africa (2019)
  • Five power pools (2015)
  • Continental energy system (2015)

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IRENA has undertaken energy planning training programmes at the regional and national levels. The training focuses on the development and application of calibrated SPLAT models for defining and undertaking energy planning scenarios, as well as developing a national energy masterplan document.

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