Energy Transition Scenarios Network

The world’s energy systems are facing profound changes. Innovations in the way energy is generated, distributed and consumed, together with pressing climate objectives outlined in the Paris Agreement are moving us towards a more digitalized, decentralized and decarbonised energy model. In this context it is increasingly important for policy makers and investors to make strategic, forward-looking energy decisions that consider new trends and uncertainties across technology, market, and policy directions.

IRENA’s Energy Transition Scenarios Network (ETS-Net) seeks to broaden the understanding and use of energy planning scenarios as a key tool to support informed government policy decision making, especially in addressing new challenges and opportunities posed by unprecedented energy system transformation. Through several scheduled activities,the ETS-Net also offers members an opportunity to engage in IRENA’s strategic and programmatic work in the field of energy scenario development and planning.

The Network informs the Long-term Energy Scenarios (LTES) for Clean Energy Transition’ Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) campaign.

To join the ETS-Net and participate in its activities, please contact Formal participation in the network is open to both government and research institutions.

Anyone can follow the activities of the network by subscribing to the IRENA ETS-Net newsletter.