Long-Term Energy Scenarios (LTES) Network

The world’s energy systems are facing profound changes. Innovations in the way energy is generated, distributed and consumed, together with the pressing climate objectives outlined in the Paris Agreement, are moving us towards a more digitalised, decentralised and decarbonised energy system. It is increasingly important for policy makers and investors to make strategic, forward-looking energy decisions that consider new trends and uncertainties across technology, markets and policy directions.

In this context, IRENA’s Long-Term Energy Scenarios (LTES) Network aims to provide a platform for national and regional practitioners to share their experiences and good practices in the use and development of long-term energy scenarios to guide the clean energy transition. It is built on the “Long-term energy scenarios for the clean energy transition” campaign – a time-bound campaign that IRENA has run since 2018 under the umbrella of the Clean Energy Ministerial. 
The focus of the LTES Network includes:

  • modelling methodologies (how to develop scenarios that feature key elements of the clean energy transition);
  • governance processes (how to better integrate clean energy transition scenarios into policymaking); and
  • building capacities: (how to enhance scenario planning capacity within governments.
The LTES Network offers members an opportunity to engage in IRENA’s strategic and programmatic activities in the field of energy scenario development and long-term energy planning. The activities under the LTES network include, but are not limited to:

The International Forum on Long-term Energy Scenarios is the cornerstone of the LTES campaign. It welcomes scenario practitioners from the government sector and those supporting it to discuss challenges and solutions to the way scenarios are developed and used to plan long-term energy policies within the context of the ongoing clean energy transition. To read more about the Forum and access related recordings and presentations, please visit the LTES Forum event page

Joining the network

Formal participation in the LTES network is open to both those government institutions responsible for the development of official scenarios, as well as technical institutions that support these governments in the development and use of such scenarios. Please refer to the Terms of Reference (to be available soon) of the network to learn about its context, strategic objectives, activities and membership criteria. 

For further information, please contact: ltes@irena.org.