Webinar - Emerging Biofuel Production Technologies and Outlook from REmap 2030

17 September 2015

IRENA held its second thematic webinar for the REmap Transport Action Team on 17 September, 2015. The webinar “Biofuels: Emerging biofuel production technologies and outlook from REmap 2030” overviewed the potential of biofuels over the next decades and provided an outlook on important markets, emerging conversion processes for the production of advanced biofuels, and a discussion about the use of technologies in different transport applications.

REmap 2030 is IRENA’s global roadmap outlining a plan to double the renewable energy share in the global energy mix by 2030. Efforts to decarbonize the transport sector are vital to achieve this goal. The sector consumes one-third of total global final energy demand and has only around 3% share of renewable energy - a share that will only increase to 6% by 2030 under business as usual developments. REmap shows how this share can increase five-fold over 2010 levels to 15% by 2030. Because market conditions and technologies are rapidly changing, a better understanding of the potential of emerging technologies and their implication on the energy system needs to be examined and in this webinar the topic of advanced biofuel and transport modes was discussed.

A summary of the webinar discussion will be made available soon.

A recording of the webinar is available on YouTube here.

On the IRENA Community forum answers from the panelists to questions that could not be answered during the webinar are also available here.

The webinar program and presentations included:


REmap 2030 Transport Action Team and outlook to 2030 for biofuels; IRENA Technology Outlook for Production and Deployment of Advanced Biofuels in the Next Three Decades
Nicholas Wagner, IRENA
Maria Ayuso, IRENA

Expert presentations

Market prospects for biofuels with a view on important regions
Marc Londo, Senior Consultant, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN)

Production of second generation biofuels based on biomass gasification
Gerald Weber, Researcher, Bioenergy2020+

Biofuel uses, what are the prospects for aviation and shipping?
Jack Saddler, UBC Forest Products Biotechnology/Bioenergy group, Co-Task Leader, IEA Bioenergy Liquid Biofuels