Bioenergy’s Role in Doubling Renewable Energy Supply (Thematic Side Meeting to 7th Session of IR

13 January 2017 |Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Bioenergy accounts for half of the cost-effective potential for doubling the renewable share of energy supply by 2030. The event reviewed a brief on Sustainable Approaches to Expansion of Bioenergy which IRENA has developed jointly with the Bioenergy Technology Collaboration Programme of the International Energy Agency (IEA Bioenergy) and UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).  The brief explains that there is great potential for the sustainable intensification of land use – with higher crop yields, reduced food waste, collection of farm and forest residues, and restoration of degraded land – to boost bioenergy production alongside greater food production and increased storage of carbon. 

In addition, the event reviewed IRENA’s Proposed Scope of Work on Sustainable Development of Bioenergy which is organized into pillars on sustainable supply of bioenergy feedstock, cost-effective technology for bioenergy conversion, and tools and strategies for bioenergy scale-up.  Scale-up tools presented include the Bioenergy Simulator to help farmers choose the most productive mix of food and fuel crops and Project Navigator to facilitate bankable projects for heat and power from solid biofuels.

Event agenda

Report on the meeting

Bioenergy for Sustainable Development (Briefing Paper)

Bioenergy for Sustainable Development (Presentation)
Jeffrey Skeer, Senior Programme Officer, Technology Cooperation, IRENA

Sustainable Development of Bioenergy: Proposed Scope of Work for Feedback from Members

Bioenergy at IRENA: Accomplishments and Work Scope Proposed
Dolf Gielen, Director of IRENA’s Innovation and Technology Centre

Bioenergy Simulator
Nicolas Fichaux, Programme Officer, Resource Assessment, IRENA

Project Navigator Module for Heat and Power from Solid Biofuels
Simon Benmarraze, Analyst, Project Navigator, IRENA