Long-term Energy Scenario (LTES) Campaign: 2019 International Forum

10 – 12 April 2019 |Berlin, Germany


The world’s energy systems are entering profoundly uncharted territory – unprecedented technological advances in power generation, transport and innovation in digitalisation make predictions about future energy conversion and use highly uncertain. At the same time, urgent Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris climate accord insist on a transition to clean energy use as fast as possible, thus compounding the complexity of representing integrated energy systems in long-term scenarios. In this context, clear views of the future energy landscape have become invaluable, and the way in which those views are developed requires a sea change.

IRENA is coordinating a group of leading government institutions from 11 countries, seven technical institutions/associations as well as other interested stakeholders’ agencies to explore these issues as part of the “Long-term Energy Scenarios (LTES) for Clean Energy Transition” Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) campaign. The campaign aims to promote the improved use of scenarios for clean energy transition, enable the exchange of best practices and facilitate work to strengthen and broaden their use. The campaign has been running since May 2018 and has since organized eight events and 20 webinar sessions.

This event will be the first international forum to gather all members and partners of the LTES campaign, along with a wider range of subject experts and energy scenario end-users to discuss the issues that are critical to today’s scenario practitioners. In bringing together both users and developers of scenarios, the forum will explore how scenarios can better support energy transitions.

The list of confirmed speakers can be found here.

Overarching Objectives

The Forum aims to achieve three objectives:

  • To raise awareness of the importance of LTES for policy making in the context of clean energy transitions, building on the insights from LTES campaign work to date
  • To enable deep-dive discussions with subject experts on critical scenario issues identified by practitioners in the LTES campaign.
  • For LTES members and partners to take stock of the campaign’s progress so far, reflecting on the forum’s expert discussions, and discuss the key messages that need to be presented at ministerial level (with CEM Ministerial roundtable scheduled in May in Vancouver in mind).

At the Forum, IRENA’s new initiative “Energy Transition Scenario Network” will also be launched, as a vehicle to sustain discussion of these issues with a wider audience going forward.

Overall Plan of the Forum

Format: In most of the sessions, there will be input presentations from subject experts followed by panel discussions among scenario practitioners.

  • 10 April – Pre-Forum day - Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (Programme will start at 14:45)
    • Side event during the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue – Exploring the boundaries of rapid clean energy transition – the role of long term scenarios (14:45-16:15)
    • LTES members and partners meeting (closed)
    • Evening reception (open to all LTES Forum and BETD side event participants)
  • 11 April – LTES International Forum Day 1
    • Session 1: Opening – LTES for clean energy transition
    • Session 2: Communication around scenarios: How can we make long-term energy scenarios more relevant to policy making under uncertainty?
    • Session 3: Going beyond energy systems analysis: How can we make long-term energy scenarios more relevant to climate policy making?
    • Session 4: Corporate view on long-term energy scenarios for clean energy transition
  • 12 April – LTES International Forum Day 2
    • Session 5: How much scenario planning capacity needs to reside with governments? Insourcing and outsourcing scenario planning capability
    • Session 6: Launch of the Energy Transition Scenarios Network


Participation and Registration

All persons wishing to participate in the conference need to send an email to ltes@irena.org stating their interest to participate, after which they will receive a link for registration.

IRENA Contacts

Ms. Asami Miketa
Senior Programme Officer, Power Sector Investment Planning, IRENA
Email: amiketa@irena.org
Telephone: +49 228 39179028

Mr. Pablo Carvajal
Associate Programme Officer, Clean Energy Transition Scenarios, IRENA
Email: pcarvajal@irena.org
Telephone: +49 228 39179092