IRENA FlexTool Training in Cuba

25 – 29 November 2019 |Havana, Cuba

The Ministry of Energy of Cuba aims to achieve a 24% renewable energy share before 2030. With the IRENA FlexTool it is possible to assess the flexibility of the system under this share of renewable energy and explore the optimal flexibility solutions. For this, reason the Ministry of Energy showed interest in developing their own flexibility assessment using the IRENA FlexTool.

Based on inputs from the Ministry of Energy and the national utility (Unión Eléctrica), IRENA organised a 5-day training in which the attendees learned how to use the IRENA FlexTool and about modelling flexibility of the power system from a technical perspective. Technical consultants supported IRENA in the development of the training material and delivery of the training. Apart from this, the experts from the country, together with the IRENA staff and consultants, developed an on-site power system flexibility assessment for Cuba, based on the country projections for 2030. This way, the feasibility of the 24% renewable energy share goal was analysed from a flexibility perspective.