ECOWAS Certification for Sustainable Energy Skills scheme workshop

03 – 05 September 2019 |Dakar, Senegal

This workshop followed-up on the first ECSES technical committee (TC) meeting in July 2018 in Dakar, Senegal, where the ECSES framework documents and Job-Task-Analysis (JTA) for off-grid solar technicians were validated. The workshop disseminated the results of the pilot examinations to prepare the examination partners to supervise the exams in the future; discussed the progress made so far and how the ECSES scheme is expected to be rolled-out in the remaining ECOWAS countries; awarded the 17 successful certified technicians; and discussed and validated the draft JTAs and revised framework documents.

The workshop aimed to:

  • present the compiled lessons learnt during the pilot examinations to stakeholders;
  • inform the technical committee about the progress made towards the operationalization of the scheme
  • award the 17 successful candidates out of 32 the off-grid solar PV certification and
  • seek the technical committee members’ comments on and validate the following documents:
    Updated the Guidelines that is covering Off-Grid, Grid-connected and Mini-grid Solar photovoltaic Technicians and Solar photovoltaic systems Inspector
    Regional Certification Body’s structure, operation and sustainability strategies.

Expected results:

  • The lessons learnt are presented and recommendations made
  • JTA and framework documents of RCS are presented and validated.
  • Establishment of Sub-Committees comprising a minimum of three members to undertake complaint reviews and investigations.

The workshop brought together the members of the examination and training institutions, ECSES technical committee, national stakeholders, sponsors as well as representatives including IRENA and GIZ.