IRENA Innovation Day in Thailand

04 September 2019 |Bangkok, Thailand


IRENA Innovation Days: Solutions for a renewable-powered future

IRENA’s Innovation Days will take place in different regions around the world and aim to connect experts and policy makers. This new series of events will showcase emerging innovations and inspire and inform the broader and faster uptake of innovative solutions that can help deliver a renewable-powered future. Innovation Days build on IRENA’s biennial Innovation Week events but will focus on the particular needs and experiences of countries in the region. The first Innovation Day is being held in Uruguay in July 2019.

IRENA Innovation Day: Thailand, 4th September 2019

IRENA Innovation Day: Thailand will take place on 4th September 2019 in margins of the ASEAN Energy Ministers Meeting and ASEAN Energy Business Forum. It will focus on countries in the South East Asian region but is open to attendees from all IRENA countries. The gathering is organised in partnership with the Ministry of Energy of Thailand.

IRENA Innovation Day: Thailand will focus on innovative solutions for the reliable integration of variable and dispatchable renewable energy in power systems and will showcase innovations in digital technologies (blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc.), the impact of novel business models (aggregators, peer-to-peer trading, etc.), the electrification of transport & heat, including biofuels, the role of energy storage and the potential of hydrogen.

IRENA Innovation Day: Thailand will bring together a diverse mix of policy makers and innovative companies from across the region, as well as from further afield. For countries and companies in the region, it is an opportunity to showcase successes, to highlight challenges, to learn from each other’s experience and to explore how innovative solutions can help meet national energy system’s needs. For countries and companies from outside the region, this event provides the opportunity to meet key region actors, to showcase work and to learn from the experience of countries in the region, many of whom are at the leading-innovative-edge of the renewable-powered energy transition. Through insights from IRENA’s global analytical work as well as from invited international speakers, there will also be an opportunity to learn from examples from around the world.

Discussions at the event will draw on the experiences of governments and innovative companies in the region as well as on the global insights captured in IRENA’s “Innovation landscape for a renewable-powered future” 2019 report.


The event will take place at the Athenee Hotel in Bangkok.


Attendance is by invitation only. If you are interested in attending or have questions, please contact us at


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