IRENA at the World Energy Congress

09 – 11 September 2019 |Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Renewable energy is driving a shift in the way the world generates, distributes and consumes energy — powering economic growth, enhancing energy security and combating climate change. It also brings widespread socioeconomic benefits including millions of skilled jobs. Renewables are also a driving force for developing domestic industrial capacities, globally and in the GCC region. This central message by IRENA will be brought to the 24th World Energy Congress hosted by the United Arab Emirates from 9-12 September 2019 in Abu Dhabi where energy leaders explore new energy futures, critical innovation areas and new strategies.

Achieving a timely, managed energy transition presents an unprecedented challenge. Director-General Francesco La Camera attended the World Energy Congress (WEC) and addressed opportunities of the ongoing energy transition across the region and worldwide (Opening Plenary Day 1, 9 September). Furthermore, he emphasised the importance of International cooperation for accelerating the global energy transformation (Closing Plenary Day 3, 11 September). Mr. La Camera also spoke to leaders at the World Energy Council during WEC.


On 11 September 2019, IRENA organised two programmatic side-events at World Energy Congress.

Together with partners from the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) secretariat, IRENA put the role of scenarios and planning center stage at a joint event at a joint event on the energy transformation and regional integration of power systems (15:00-19:00). The focus was on how regional integration scenarios better inform national level long-term energy scenarios and vice-versa.

Furthermore, IRENA organised a side-event on how to create an enabling environment to accelerate the deployment of renewables (15:30-17:30). Strong emphasis was given to renewable energy policies and financing mechanisms that address the mix of direct, enabling and integrating policies needed to transform the energy system, at the national and local level.

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