Innovations for a decentralised, renewable-powered system: Peer-to-peer electricity trading

25 August 2020 |Webinar

This joint webinar by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) in Malaysia discussed transitioning electricity consumers to prosumers. The event took place in the view of an increasing decentralised power system, innovative technologies, regulations and business models lead to higher share of renewables in power systems.

IRENA’s presentation focused on the role of increased demand side flexibility and innovative solutions that the decentralisation brings for the integration of high shares of renewable energy resources in the power system. SEDA shared the experiences and lessons learnt from Malaysia’s 1st pilot run of peer-to-peer (p2p) energy trading, built on Power Ledger platform. Power Ledger focused on the underlying blockchain technology that supports p2p trading projects, which also runs trials in Australia, Japan, Thailand and United States.


  • Opening address & Introduction
    • Innovation Landscape report for a renewable-powered future, Arina Anisie, Associate Programme Officer, IRENA
  • Welcoming remarks
    • Ir Dr Sanjayan Velautham, CEO, SEDA
  • Presentations
    • Renewable integration and power system decentralisation, Francisco Boshell, Renewable Energy Markets and Standards Analyst, IRENA
    • Case Study: Pilot Run of P2P Energy Trading, Hazril Izan bin Bahari, Director, SEDA
    • Blockchain energy use-cases and real applications deployed around the world, Dr Jemma Green, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Power Ledger; and Vinod Tiwari, Head of Business Development & Sales, Power Ledger
  • Panel discussion and Q&A
    • Moderator: Arina Anisie, IRENA

Download the presentation slide deck and watch the webinar below.