Webinar: IRENA Flextool Training for MENA

30 June 2020 |Webinar

IRENA developed the IRENA FlexTool during 2018 and launched the first version in November 2018. After 2 years of using the tool and implementing some enhancements, IRENA launched in April 2020 a new version of the tool, the FlexTool 2.0. This new version comes as well with a set of training materials that will help users to get started with the tool and will serve IRENA as a starting point to provide trainings on the tool.

One of the regions that showed interest in learning how to use the tool Middle East and North Africa (MENA), where IRENA is very active in terms of projects and initiatives. Given the high number of requests from this region to learn more about the FlexTool, IRENA decided to provide capacity building so that relevant stakeholders from this region can also learn about the methodology of the tool and incorporate it to their toolbox for their future planning exercises. Additionally, the event will count with the support of the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) which is one of our key partner organization in the region.

The IRENA FlexTool training for MENA served to provide a basic training on the IRENA FlexTool in the context of the ongoing initiatives in this region. At the end of this training participants were able to run customs simulations with the tool and model different flexibility options in their national power systems. The training included participants from 13 different countries from the MENA region, RCREEE and the League of Arab States.

Contact FlexTool@irena.org for more information.

Please find video recordings of the Training sessions below, along with the presentation slides. 

Video Recording





Opening session: Projects and initiatives in the MENA region 

Zoheir Hamedi, Regional Programme Officer, Country Engagement and Partnerships, IRENA 
Jamila Matar, Head of Energy Department, League of Arab States
Maged K. Mahmoud, Acting Executive Director, RCREEE
Emanuele Taibi, Analyst, Power Sector Transformation Strategies, IRENA





Session 1: Power sector planning in Arab countries – the importance of a power system flexibility assessment  

Daniel Russo, Consultant, Long-term planning, IRENA
Rim Boukhchina, Senior Sustainable Energy Expert, RCREEE




Session 2: Introducing and installing IRENA FlexTool 

Aakarshan Vaid, Associate Professional, Decentralised Renewable Energy Solutions, IRENA




Session 3: Running a demo model: how to detect flexibility issues and how to solve them?

Raul Miranda, Associate Analyst, Energy Systems Modelling, IRENA




Session 4: Modelling flexibility options, from the supply to the demand side

Emanuele Taibi, Analyst, Power Sector Transformation Strategies, IRENA
Carlos Fernández, Associate Professional, Power System Flexibility, IRENA