Renewables, a key solution to decarbonise industry and transport

30 September 2020 |Webinar

Eliminating CO2 emissions from industry and transport in line with the 1.5⁰C climate goal

A briefing for decision makers

Without major policy changes, seven key industry and transport sectors will account for 38% of all CO2 emissions and 43% of energy use globally in 2050. Renewable energy holds the key to most of the options available to reach zero emissions in these sectors, IRENA’s new report Reaching Zero with Renewables shows. In preparing for the agency’s next flagship report, Global Renewables Outlook (2021 edition), which includes an updated and deeper analysis of the pathway to reach net-zero emissions in line with the 1.5°C climate goal, this webinar aims to brief German decision makers on key findings from IRENA’s recently launched Reaching Zero report and to engage with the German policy and expert community to explore the implications for German and European energy decarbonisation plans. Learnings from this event will be further explored at IRENA InnovationWeek 2020 (virtual edition), held from 5-8 October, and will inform future work including the Global Renewables Outlook (2021 edition).


15:30 Opening Remarks
Michael Hackethal, Head of Division - General issues of international energy cooperation, multilateral energy cooperation, BMWi
15:35 Deep Decarbonisation Challenges
Dolf Gielen, Director – Innovation and Technology, IRENA
15:45 Presentation of key findings from the Reaching Zero with Renewables report
Paul Durrant, Head of End-use Sectors & Bioenergy, IRENA
16:00 Reactions and discussion with experts followed by audience Q&A
16:45 Close of webinar

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