Integrating Energy Transition into El Salvador’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC)

18 August 2021 |Virtual

IRENA is supporting Latin American countries, such as El Salvador, in its NDC revision and implementation process through various service offerings, including Renewable Readiness Assessment (RRA), RE roadmaps, data and statistics, MRV systems, decarbonisation roadmaps, project facilitation, resource and technology assessments; and capacity building activities in areas such as policy and finance, low carbon technologies, modelling of energy scenarios, among others. This work aims to enhance the energy component with more ambitious targets, resulting in a more robust NDC to be submitted in the run up to COP 26.

Furthermore, the Agency is supporting countries to identify if national targets and planning can meet the NDC guidelines of the information to facilitate clarity, transparency, and understanding (ICTU), as part of their NDC drafting process with a focus on the energy sector. Therefore, IRENA has organised a virtual seminar with representatives from respective governments, to facilitate the exchange of insights on updating NDCs. The discussion touched on different topics such as components part of the NDCs, the achievement of climate action goals in the energy sector, examples of cross-cutting linkage between Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and mitigation and adaptation priorities, among others. The discussion built on IRENA’s analysis and support in the enhancement and implementation of the NDC’s energy component in El Salvador. Furthermore, the seminar promoted peer-to-peer collaboration among countries in the region, by including representatives from governments to share their experiences and insights on the drafting of the NDCs and the inclusion of clear renewable energy ambitions.

Agenda: English | Spanish

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