G7 Hydrogen Action Pact Workshop

15 September 2022 |Virtual

Germany assumed the 12-month presidency of G7 in 2022. A prominent part of the G7 agenda is defining the role of low carbon and renewable hydrogen, and its derivatives such as ammonia and eFuels, in decarbonising sectors that are hard to electrify. In response, G7 launched the Hydrogen Action Pact (HAP) to strengthen collaboration between G7 members on the development of green and low carbon hydrogen value chains.

IRENA is assisting the G7 Presidency to scope the HAP and assist strengthen the collaboration between G7 members to accelerate hydrogen deployment and development of the hydrogen derivative value chains through the analysis of:

  • hydrogen diplomacy in G7 member countries; demand creation; industrial policy, standards and innovation; and
  • global hydrogen certification and associated standards, with a focus on hydrogen trade.

This was the third G7 HAP workshop. At the workshop, IRENA presented the results of the analyses and the proposed recommendations for G7 review.

The workshop was the first meeting where the results of the analyses and the recommendations were presented and was an important step in the development of the G7 HAP scope.

This event was by invitation only and was limited to the G7 member representatives.