Technological Innovation

The work of IRENA in technological innovation has been developed to provide policy-relevant overviews of the latest developments and future projections for renewable energy and renewable-enabling technologies, combined with insights for policy makers on how to accelerate the transition to renewables.

Innovation Outlooks

The Innovation Outlook Collection analyses emerging trends in renewable energy technologies and renewable-enabling technologies, and examines ways to increase the competitiveness of these technologies. Each Innovation Outlook identifies technology-, industry- and policy-related challenges to be overcome and assesses the potential breakthroughs and research needed to scale-up the deployment of renewable-based solutions. Renewable mini-grids, offshore wind technologies, advanced liquid biofuels, and ocean energy technologies open the series.

Technology Briefs

The Technology Briefs Collection have been developed to provide concise information on the “status quo” of different renewable energy technologies or renewable-enabling technologies. It provides the latest technological developments, bridging them with policy frameworks. Each brief outlines technical aspects, costs, market potential and barriers for further development, helping to understand easily technical and complex information of renewable energy technologies.