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Cutting-edge information on renewable energy technologies and innovations

Innovations in renewable energy encompass all new approaches that help to overcome barriers and result in an accelerated deployment of renewables to support the energy transition. Innovative solutions to decarbonise the global energy sector require combining various policy instruments across the whole technology lifecycle, from R&D to market scale-up, as well as the development of new smart technologies, information technology, new types of financial and market instruments, business models and the engagement of new actors across the energy systems.

Achieving a zero-carbon based energy sector would maximise economic and social benefits, create wealth, reduce energy poverty, facilitate energy access and enable growth in many other sectors. To support an accelerated deployment of renewable energy, IRENA has been undertaking work to advise policy-makers and other energy sector players on:

While innovation in technology will continue to play a major role, innovation in policy, regulation, market design, business models, finance and infrastructure will be equally essential