Benefits for users

Project Owners / Developers

The Marketplace provides project owners/developers with increased visibility for their projects among financiers and other market players. Project owners have access to wide range of financial instruments provided by multiple investors from development finance institutions, private companies, utilities, private equity funds, donor and multi-donor facilities, commercial banks and more, as well as access to different services (legal and financial advisory, environmental, project development, EPC contracting, etc.) and technology.

Various legal entities can sign up to the platform. They can be large companies, SMEs, private project developers, utilities, governmental organisations, municipal organizations, NGOs or individual project owners.

Project owners will also benefit from IRENA's project assessments and active facilitation, provided on a selective basis, identifying the specific needs and next steps for projects, and supporting projects to take the next steps.

Through IRENA's other portals it provides project owners with tools and templates for project development, resource and zoning maps, and policy and regulatory information to reduce information barriers and project development costs. It also makes it easy, safe and efficient to share detailed and confidential information with potential investors.


Governmental organisations

Governmental organisations in developing and emerging countries committed to support renewable energy transition can benefit from the Marketplace and actively promote renewable energy investment project opportunities in their respective countries. Through the platform, governments can interact directly with the market players to develop projects.
In addition, governmental organisations can promote their investment environment, policies and regulations for investors.

Member State representatives, are encouraged to visit the Marketplace and register with an ‘Incognito Profile’. This profile type enables users that are not market players to access the system without creating a visible profile. By using this type of access, Member State representatives will be able to anonymously review projects registered in their country, work together with IRENA to promote specific initiatives or project pipelines, or bring new projects to the platform.

Representatives can also review information provided on domestic policies and regulations, work closely with the Secretariat to keep this information up to-date, and disseminate it widely among the users of the platform, including by hosting webinars.



Financers and investors

Financiers and investors interested in financing projects in developing and emerging markets have access to a pipeline of investment-ready projects, co-financiers to form consortia, project development funding to support interesting projects and risk mitigation instruments to help structure projects and financing.

To accelerate the investment process and lower the transaction costs, investors and financiers, particularly those new to the country or region, have access to additional information including market, policy and regulatory information through IRENA's databases.

The Marketplace will provide the financiers with an easy channel to identify and screen a wide variety of renewable energy projects. It will show the general data and summary of projects meeting the specific criteria of an investor, and make it easy to contact owners to get more detailed information about potentially interesting projects. It will also make it easier for financiers to find market, policy and regulatory information on IRENA's own databases.


Service providers and technologies suppliers

Through the Marketplace, service providers and technology suppliers can identify potential customers, develop their sales pipeline and create new business opportunities. The platform makes it easy and efficient to identify, screen and contact prospective project owners to offer services and technology for them.

Service providers and technology suppliers are key players in the project development phase of the projects, and therefore IRENA intends to work in close cooperation with these regarding project facilitation.