How it works

Registration process

To access the online platform, market players – project owners, financiers, services providers and technology suppliers – are required to create a profile. In addition, project owners and investors must add at least one project or instrument, respectively, to complete the registration process.

Once the profile approved by the Administrator, users can:

  • Efficiently search for information of interest; for example, for projects that meet the specific criteria of an investor, financing source or advisor, according to the needs of a project;
  • Easily find more information about relevant entities, projects or financing instruments, and contact them;
  • Communicate directly with IRENA on specific needs and interests; and
  • Access project development tools and data on markets, regulations and incentives.

What the Marketplace provides?

The Marketplace offers, on a selective basis, active facilitation services to registered project owners.

Project assessments – Project owners can benefit from advice and guidance in terms of project development and renewable energy project planning, and can screen information according to their specific needs.

Matchmaking – Project owners are matched with relevant advisors, project development funding sources, other investors, as well as with other relevant stakeholders, to address specific project needs and ensure successful deals.

IRENA also collaborates with international financing institutions, support programmes and initiatives to assist in project development and provide access to project facilitation and technical assistance in developing countries in in Africa, Latin America, Caribbean, Asia, Pacific and South-East Europe.

Regional hubs

The Marketplace features regional hubs where users can access all relevant information regarding a specific region.

Users can access:

  • Data and relevant updates regarding the Marketplace;
  • Country-level information on policies and regulations, projects and financing instruments; and
  • The latest reports and tools developed by our partners.

IRENA project facilitation tools

To improve the quality of renewable energy projects and support early stage project development in developing countries, IRENA has developed numerous project facilitation tools and platforms designed to address selected bottlenecks in each of the project development phases.

  • The Project Navigator: a tool that provides templates and best practices for project developers to develop bankable project proposals; helps identify funding options using the Financial Navigator; and supports the successful completion of their projects.
  • The Global Atlas for Renewable Energy: the largest source of information on global renewable energy potential, featuring assessments of developing countries based on accurate data concerning population density, topography, local infrastructure, land use and protected areas. The initiative offers data and high-quality public maps of renewable energy resources from 67 countries and 50 data providers.
  • REsource: an online knowledge platform that offers information on renewable energy in several countries, including statistics, resource potentials, policies, finance, costs, benefits, innovations, technologies and education, and information on energy efficiency.
  • The joint IEA/IRENA Global Renewable Energy Policies and Measures Database: an online database that provides users with regularly updated information on national policies and regulations.
  • The Solar Energy Standardisation Initiative: an initiative developed by IRENA and the Terawatt Initiative with the aim of designing and implementing a framework for standardised contracts that will help streamline the development and financing process for solar projects. The Initiative seeks to facilitate scaled-up investments at the global level over a period of five years through the engagement of relevant stakeholders.

Access the joint IRENA–ADFD Project Facility

IRENA and the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) have collaborated to create a joint Project Facility to finance transformative and replicable renewable energy projects in developing countries. The Facility offers concessional loans to support government-driven renewable energy projects recommended by IRENA to ADFD for funding in developing countries. Since January 2014, USD 189 million of ADFD loans have been allocated to 19 renewable energy projects recommended by IRENA, whilst over USD 387 million has been leveraged through additional funding sources to cover the rest of the project costs.