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Majority of New Renewables Undercut Cheapest Fossil Fuel on Cost

Countries urged to power past coal as new report confirms renewables would bring cost savings of USD 156 billion to emerging economies.

Infographic: Low Renewable Costs Allow To Power Past Coal

In 2020 power generation costs continued to fall. This infographic shows how low renewables costs allow to power past coal, and bring economic and health benefits.

IRENA and the UN Agree to Advance Renewables in Peacekeeping Operations

Partnership between UN Department of Operational Support and IRENA to advance use of renewables in UN peacekeeping missions and host countries.

Morocco and IRENA Partner to Boost Renewables and Green Hydrogen Development

IRENA will and Morocco will work closely to advance the national green hydrogen economy as the country aims to become a major green hydrogen producer and exporter.

IRENA Members Contribute to G20 Action Agenda on Offshore Renewables

On the occasion of the 2021 World Ocean Day, over 70 IRENA members and private sector representatives came together in a Collaborative Framework on Ocean Energy and Offshore Renewables to accelerate the deployment of ocean technologies worldwide.

Universal Access to Sustainable Energy Will Remain Elusive Without Addressing Inequalities

The Energy Progress Report provides the most comprehensive look available at the world’s progress towards global energy targets on access to electricity, clean cooking, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

China and IRENA Boost Ties as Leading Renewables Market Eyes Carbon Neutrality Goals

IRENA and National Energy Administration of China sign MoU to advance the transition and cooperate on market development.

Enhanced Financial Instruments Needed to Accelerate Renewables Deployment in Tunisia

The report outlines recommendations to help Tunisia achieve its 30% renewables goal while boosting growth and development.

IRENA Launches Global Atlas 4.0

IRENA Global Atlas 4.0 incorporates more than 1000 revised renewable energy resource maps, complemented by key information such as the availability of transmission networks, population density and protected areas.

IRENA Members Welcome New Framework on Just and Inclusive Energy Transition

Representatives from over 50 IRENA member countries gathered for the first meeting of the Collaborative Framework for Just and Inclusive Energy Transitions. The meeting took place during the last week’s IRENA Council and was co-facilitated by the United States and South Africa.