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A Just and Fair Energy Transition: An opportunity to tackle climate change and create prosperity

The UN climate conference COP24 in Katowice reminds us of the imperative of a just energy transition on our pathway towards a climate-safe future.

  • December 2018

Why Renewable Energy Is a Key Solution to Climate Change

Accelerating energy transformation is key for a climate-safe future. The world's future depends on the energy decisions we make today.

  • December 2018

Enabling change through energy transition

Policy makers and influencers, innovators and business drivers from a wide range of sectors and across the world came together for this year’s Global Climate Action Energy Day at the UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice. 

  • December 2018

Renewables are the key to a climate-safe world

Renewable energy, together with energy efficiency, form the cornerstone of the world’s mitigation strategy. They represent a safe, reliable, affordable and immediately deployable pathway to a low-carbon future. 

  • November 2018

Wind energy offshore

Renewables offer G20 countries the best opportunity to achieve climate goals

Renewables are, in combination with energy efficiency, the key to uncoupling economic growth from an increase in emissions. IRENA analysis estimates that G20 countries hold 75% of the global renewables deployment potential by 2030.

  • November 2018