Pacific countries discuss renewable energy technology solutions

26 May 2012| Articles

In cooperation with the Japanese Government, IRENA held a workshop, “Accelerating renewable energy deployment in the Pacific region - Meeting the challenges” on 26 May in Okinawa, Japan.  This workshop forms part of the IRENA Islands Initiative, established to assist islands in transiting to an increased share of renewable energy. About 60 experts from 20 countries gathered to discuss the possibilities of technology solutions, and best practices from around the world, meeting the challenges of ensuring grid stability in island grids and increasing the use of renewables in the transportation sector. 

Discussions highlighted the importance of power sector planning and prioritization, based on the available technologies, knowledge and expertise, and that more attention to the use of renewables in the transportation sector is necessary. “While many of the drivers of change are different, the renewable energy objectives of Japan and the countries of the Pacific are similar: to securely meet their domestic energy needs by utilising their sustainable natural resources. To achieve this objective further cooperation and work is required”, said IRENA Director-General Mr. Adnan Z. Amin.

The workshop provided valuable insights which will assist IRENA in its work to facilitate the deployment of technology solutions in the Pacific. The workshop summary will be available on the IRENA website in the coming weeks.

More information is available here