Workshop “Accelerating renewable energy deployment in the Pacific region - Meeting the challenges”

26 May 2012| Articles

In cooperation with the Japanese Government, IRENA held a workshop, “Accelerating renewable energy deployment in the Pacific region - Meeting the challenges” on 26 May in Okinawa, Japan.  This workshop forms part of the IRENA Islands Initiative, established to assist islands in transiting to an increased share of renewable energy. About 60 experts from 20 countries gathered to discuss the possibilities of technology solutions, and best practices from around the world, meeting the challenges of ensuring grid stability in island grids and increasing the use of renewables in the transportation sector.

Workshop summary

Morning Session: Renewable energy deployment in the Pacific region: Current situation and efforts

Renewable energy strategies for Pacific islands: the IRENA approach

Dolf Gielen, IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre (IITC)

Japan’s experience of renewable energy deployment as a climate change policy

Masaki Suzuki, Ministry of the Environment

Current situation of renewable energy deployment in Pacific islands and possible support from Japan

Hisashi Hoshi, the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ)

JICA’s support for the Pacific region

Hiroshi Sumiyoshi, JICA

Hawaii-Okinawa Partnership in Clean and Efficient Energy Development and Deployment and its applicability to the Pacific region

Richard Rochelleau, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute

Okinawa's efforts toward a smart energy island (1)

Katsuya Furugen, Okinawa Prefecture

Okinawa's efforts toward a smart energy island (2)

Okinawa Enetech Co., Inc

Afternoon Session: Technical solutions for renewable energy deployment towards low carbon society in islands

1) Integration of high shares of renewable energy into island grids

Challenges in renewable energy integration to island grids

Gordon Chang, Pacific Power Association

Cutting edge technologies for self-reliant and distributed energy system for the Pacific

Kimio Yamaka, Institute of Energy Strategy

Renewable energy integration to island grids - King Island

Simon Gamble, Hydro Tasmania

Renewable energy integration to island grids – Island of Graciosa; A Solution for a 100%-Renewable Energy base Island System

Ina Hahndorf, Younicos AG

Renewable energy integration to island grids – Miyako Island

Shinji Uehara, Okinawa Electric Power Company, Inc

Renewable energy integration to island grids – Hawaii

Leon Roose, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute

2) Use of renewable energy in the transportation sector

Prospects of the use of renewable energy in transportation sector

Solomone Fifita, Secretariat of the Pacific Community

Potential renewable energy technology solutions for shipping

Fabian Juers, SkySails

Introduction of electric vehicles in a smart grid project in Rokkasho village

Akira Kobayashi, Hitachi

Bioethanol production in sugarcane without competition with foods

Takayoshi Terauchi, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization

Deployment of bioethanol-blended gasoline using bioethanol produced from domestic sugarcane in Okinawa

Bernardo Hideki Endo, Brazil-Japan Ethanol

3) Opportunities for renewable energy implementation in the Pacific

Challenges and Opportunities for Renewable Energy Implementation in the Pacific

Robert Guild, Asian Development Bank

Smart Community Demonstration in NEDO

Satoshi Morozumi, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)