New IRENA App Turns Mobile Devices Into Renewable Energy Prospectors

16 June 2015| Articles

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Have you ever wondered what the renewable energy potential was for a region or specific location?

Today, IRENA is launching a new mobile app that can transform your mobile device into a prospector for renewable energy. The Global Atlas pocket brings reliable data on global renewable energy potential to anyone with a smart phone, for free. It’s the most advanced tool of its kind, combining 1,000 maps from 67 governments and 50 data centres to provide reliable information on renewable energy resources anywhere in the world, from major cities, to isolated islands, to remote deserts.

It allows user to screen renewable energy project sites before making investment decision, create content on clean energy potentials in areas of interest and access images of growth areas for renewable energy infrastructure opportunities. It also comes with a powerful combination of search functionalities including geolocation services, personalized search categories, map views and sharing capabilities.

See a quick tutorial:

The Global Atlas pocket is the mobile version of the online Global Atlas portal, which aims to provide access to the necessary datasets, expertise and financial support to help countries evaluate their national renewable energy potential.

The Global Atlas pocket is now available on all platforms including BlackBerry® 10, iOS, Android™ and Windows Phone®.

Download the Global Atlas pocket for free: