[Video] Sustainable Transportation Innovators Speak Out at COP22 Energy Day

12 November 2016| Articles

One of the sub-themes emerging at this year's Global Climate Action Agenda Energy Day at COP22, co-organised by IRENA and Sustainable Energy for All, was sustainable transport. Bertrand Piccard, initiator, chairman and pilot of Solar Impulse, the pioneering aircraft that flew around the world powered only by the sun, captured the sentiments of many during the day's discussions immediately following his participation.

Piccard was joined in the session on the Transformative Role of Renewable Energy by Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E, the electric car racing series staging a race in Marrakech on the occasion of COP22. Agag emphasised the importance of integrating renewable energy into transport.

In addition to the Global Climate Action Energy Day, IRENA is organising a series of events at COP22 as part of the Renewable Energy Track, RE-Energising the future.