IRENA Staff Bid Farewell to Director-General Adnan Z. Amin

02 April 2019| Articles

IRENA staff bid farewell to outgoing Director-General, Adnan Z. Amin, today as he prepares to officially leave office on April 3, following eight years heading the Agency.

Mr. Amin became the Agency’s first Director-General in 2011 at a time when renewable energy technologies were a fringe discussion in the global energy landscape. Today, renewables have established themselves as the fastest growing source of new power generation in the world and account for a third of global power capacity.

During Mr. Amin’s tenure, IRENA’s membership has grown from 64 to 160 – a near universal representation that speaks both to the importance of renewable energy and the instrumental support the Agency has delivered. In a short time period, IRENA became a well recognised and respected international institution, and the global voice of renewable energy.

Mr. Amin thanked staff for their tireless work, dedication and commitment to IRENA’s mission. He wished his successor, Francesco La Camera, the staff and the Agency continued success at a critical time when renewable energy is increasingly central to global efforts for achieving a sustainable and climate safe world.

In recognition of Mr. Amin’s leadership at the helm of the Agency, he was granted the honorary title of ‘Director-General Emeritus’ by the Ninth Assembly of IRENA in January 2019.