IRENA Presents Plan for China to Reach Carbon Neutrality through Renewables

China aims for its carbon emissions to peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

  • July 2022

IRENA and China State Grid Pave Way Towards Smart Electrification

The joint workshop gathered speakers and energy experts from IRENA, the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) and State Grid Energy Research Institute (SGERI).

  • February 2022

How Cities Can Take Action to Drive the Energy Transition

The report outlines ways in which cities can catalyse the shift to a low-carbon future – in turn supporting regional and national governments with the achievement of sustainable energy targets and the realisation of global climate objectives.

  • May 2021

City Roadmap 2050 Supports Low-Carbon Winter Olympics 2022 in China

Zhangjiakou benefits from an abundant renewable energy resources, including an estimated technical resource potential of 30 gigawatts (GW) for solar photovoltaics (PV) and 40 GW for wind. IRENA’s report finds that after 2035, the city can...

  • November 2019

IRENA and State Grid Corporation of China Team-Up to Expand Regional Renewable Capacities

Technical experts from SGCC to assist IRENA’s renewable capacity building activities in Africa, Central America and Southeast Asia.

  • November 2017

An Ancient Route Renewed

China’s Belt and Road Initiative revives history for modern trade, development and renewable energy across Asia.

  • May 2017

G20, IRENA take on renewable energy at energy ministers meeting

Energy ministers of the G20 and representatives of key intergovernmental organisations, including IRENA, recently met to discuss the G20 energy agenda including the progress that has been made since last October’s adoption of the IRENA-led 'G20...

  • July 2016

China's Water Crisis: Renewables Offer Water Stress Solution

According to the United Nations, China is home to 21% of the world’s population but contains only 7% of global freshwater supplies. Faced with an imminent water supply challenge, China introduced province-level water use quotas for 2015, 2020...

  • March 2016

IRENA Director-General Commends China’s Initiatives, Talks Renewable Energy at Fourth Global Think Tank Summit

IRENA Director-General Adnan Z. Amin attended the Fourth Global Think Tank Summit in Beijing on 26-27 June 2015. This year’s theme was “Global Sustainable Development: A New Path After 2015.”

  • July 2015

China Makes Big Strides in Renewable Energy, But More Possible

According to Su Wei, China's lead climate negotiator, China plants to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted for every dollar of gross domestic product and to boost its stock of forests that absorb emissions.

  • December 2014