Central Asia Aims for Sustainability

Countries pledge to further boost renewables through regional collaboration with IRENA.

  • June 2017

Future Energy, at Astana Expo 2017

Starting this week, Expo-2017 in Astana, will kick-off. World leaders, innovators, interested citizens and IRENA, will be there.

  • June 2017

Spurring Renewable Energy Deployment in Central Asia

Abu Dhabi workshop gathers Central Asia regional stakeholders to explore strategies for seizing its vast renewable energy potential.

  • May 2017

Kazakhstan, Panama, Slovakia and the United Kingdom join IRENA

IRENA welcomes Signatory States No. 111-114 on 26 June 2009. The number of Signatories who will take part in the decision making process of the second Preparatory Commission on 29-30 June 2009 in Sharm El-Sheikh increased to 114 only three days...

  • June 2009