A Digitalised, Decentralised Future is Around the Corner

IRENA Innovation Week showcased a rich series of presentations and panel discussions exploring how emerging innovations are impacting the way we manage and distribute energy.

  • September 2018

SIDS Energy Day: Small, Strong and Resilient

The role of renewable energy as an enabler of island resilience and prosperity takes centre-stage at IRENA’s Small Island Developing States Energy Day.

  • November 2017

Renewables at the Heart of G20 Hamburg Energy Action Plan

Leaders of the world’s biggest economies envision renewables' key role in economic growth.

  • July 2017

A Renewable Future Lecture Series in Bonn

IRENA and the University of Bonn’s lecture series highlights the challenges for a future powered by renewables.

  • July 2017

Event: IRENA & Partners Focus on Sustainable Cities

To help drive the needed energy transition in cities, IRENA and the governments of Ecuador, Germany and the UAE will host a full-day event on the sidelines of the upcoming UN Habitat III meeting in Quito, Ecuador.

  • September 2016

New Initiative to Boost Solar Energy Development

Today at InterSolar Europe in Munich, leaders in energy, finance and law met to scale up solar energy under a new initiative. The Solar Energy Standardisation Initiative, led by IRENA and the Terrawatt Initiative, aims to spur global solar...

  • June 2016

IRENA's Summer of Solar at InterSolar Europe

This week, IRENA joins thousands of energy enthusiasts in Munich, Germany at InterSolar Europe, the world’s leading solar industry trade exhibition. Linked this year to EU PVSEC, the world’s largest conference in the field of solar...

  • June 2016

Renewable Energy Innovation Gets a Boost in Bonn

May 11-13 2016, IRENA hosted its first-ever Innovation Week in Bonn, Germany, gathering industrial and political front runners to present, discuss and explore innovative solutions within this year’s theme – The Age of Renewable...

  • May 2016

IRENA Innovation Week Kicks Off in Bonn

Energy industry experts and stakeholders from more than 60 countries gathered today in Bonn, Germany to kick-start discussions on innovation in the renewable energy power sector. 

  • May 2016

Renewable Energy Innovation: Growing our Future Power System

Whether it’s smarter wind turbines, more flexible solar photovoltaic technologies, or breakthrough algae biofuel, renewable energy innovation is grabbing headlines. And it should be, considering its importance to...

  • May 2016