Pay-As-You-Go Solar Systems in Rural Senegal Give Access to Electricity

In the rural villages in southern Senegal, pay-as-you-go solar systems are transforming lives.

  • December 2016

Mozambique, Senegal, Kiribati, Grenada map clean energy future

A new series of game-changing assessments to help countries transition to renewable energy was launched today by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) during the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi. The world’s first four...

  • January 2013

Workshop hears Senegal and Mozambique’s experiences with RRAs and plans ahead for regional roll-out in ECOWAS and SADC

A Renewables Readiness Assessment (RRA) workshop, held on January 16 as part of IRENA’s Second Assembly, attracted more than 30 participants, mainly from Africa, along with some key representatives from renewable energy organisations. The session...

  • January 2012

New ratifications for IRENA

Three new ratifications occurred this week.. Mali (19 October 2010) Senegal (19 October 2010) Bangladesh (21 October 2010) As of today, 148 countries and the European Union have signed IRENA's statute and 42 have ratified it.

  • October 2010