The Big Impact of Mini-Grids in Mali’s Rural Areas

Solar mini-grids are not only a viable option for last-mile communities but are also at the heart of economic development and improved healthcare in those areas.

  • May 2022

Mali Builds Climate Resilience with Solar PV

Mali Renewable Readiness Assessment concluded that indigenous energy resources, such as solar energy, could help to boost the country's climate resilience.

  • February 2020

Lower Cost, Stable Supply, Economic Growth - a Village in Mali Shifts to Solar

Mali is heavily reliant on fossil fuel imports. As a result, around three-quarters of the country’s mostly rural population lack basic energy needs like electricity access. They are ready for change. 

  • June 2018

New Funds Available for Renewable Energy Projects in Developing Countries

IRENA is now welcoming applications for a fourth round of funding to support renewable energy projects in developing countries. The funding round of approximately USD 50 million now available is part of a USD 350 million commitment by the UAE to...

  • November 2015

New ratifications for IRENA

Three new ratifications occurred this week.. Mali (19 October 2010) Senegal (19 October 2010) Bangladesh (21 October 2010) As of today, 148 countries and the European Union have signed IRENA's statute and 42 have ratified it.

  • October 2010