Green Hydrogen Needs Industrial Policy Making and Certification

IRENA’s new report suggests that green hydrogen industrial policies start with the introduction of decarbonisation strategies and tailored sub-sector planning.

  • March 2022

Empowering Communities to Reap the Multiple Benefits of Renewable Energy

The participation and ownership by citizens or members of a defined community in a renewable energy project creates local socio-economic value and helps foster more positive attitudes towards renewables.

  • November 2021

Leading Renewable Players Urge Governments to Re-align Recovery Measures with Paris Agreement

In a renewed call to action, over 100 leading renewable energy players, as members of the IRENA Coalition for Action, urge governments to place a renewables-based energy transition at the heart of an economic recovery from COVID-19 to secure a...

  • December 2020

IRENA's Coalition for Action Calls for Green Recovery Based on Renewables

Over 100 leading players in renewable energy gathered under the IRENA Coalition for Action, have come together in a joint call for action, putting forward concrete recommendations on how governments can ensure a rapid and sustained economic recovery.

  • April 2020

Strong Ties Between Public and Private Sectors Key to Accelerating Renewables

A new strategic paper by IRENA’s Coalition for Action, Towards 100% Renewable Energy, shows more than 50 countries and over 280 states, regions and cities have already committed to some sort of 100% renewable energy target.

  • February 2019

When Nothing Else Makes Sense, Renewables Do

Public-Private Dialogue at IRENA’s 8th Assembly highlights what governments and businesses can do to unlock investment in renewable energy.

  • February 2018

REN21 joins IRENA Renewable Energy Learning Partnership

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has welcomed aboard a new partner in global efforts to provide education, e-learning and training materials to build job skills for the growing renewable energy sector.

  • January 2013