How Solar Power is Reducing Maternal Mortality Rates in Zimbabwe

A renewable energy innovation has improved obstetric care to last-mile communities across Zimbabwe, successfully supporting over 180,000 deliveries per year since its introduction.

  • July 2021

Infographic: Low Renewable Costs Allow To Power Past Coal

In 2020 power generation costs continued to fall. This infographic shows how low renewables costs allow to power past coal, and bring economic and health benefits.

  • June 2021

Energy Transition Heroes Address Equity and Climate Challenges

In collaboration with Enel Foundation, IRENA launched the “Energy Transition Heroes” series to empower young people by offering a platform to share ideas, be heard and learn from experts in various fields related to the energy transition.

  • June 2021

IRENA Members Contribute to G20 Action Agenda on Offshore Renewables

On the occasion of the 2021 World Ocean Day, over 70 IRENA members and private sector representatives came together in a Collaborative Framework on Ocean Energy and Offshore Renewables to accelerate the deployment of ocean technologies worldwide.

  • June 2021

IRENA Launches Global Atlas 4.0

IRENA Global Atlas 4.0 incorporates more than 1000 revised renewable energy resource maps, complemented by key information such as the availability of transmission networks, population density and protected areas.

  • June 2021

IRENA Members Welcome New Framework on Just and Inclusive Energy Transition

Representatives from over 50 IRENA member countries gathered for the first meeting of the Collaborative Framework for Just and Inclusive Energy Transitions. The meeting took place during the last week’s IRENA Council and was co-facilitated by...

  • May 2021

Building a Sustainable Future in Cities

Energy solutions for construction and operations of buildings

  • May 2021

IRENA Members Lay Ground for Green Hydrogen Trading

IRENA’s Collaborative Framework on Green Hydrogen underlined the critical role of hydrogen for a net-zero economy in line with IRENA’s 1.5C scenario.

  • May 2021

Cities Powered by Renewables

How urban environments can lead the achievement of a sustainable energy future

  • May 2021