IRENA Staff Bid Farewell to Director-General Adnan Z. Amin

IRENA staff bid farewell to outgoing Director-General as he prepares to officially leave office on April 3, following eight years heading the Agency.

  • April 2019

GROWTH@IRENA Invites Undergrads to Train During the Summer of 2019

IRENA's summer trainee programme provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to learn from experts and gain practical experience.

  • March 2019

Powering Climate Action in Africa with Renewable Energy

Africa Climate Week brings together international, regional and national stakeholders to discuss climate change and actions and to strengthen stakeholders’ engagements in key sectors including energy, agriculture and human settlement.

  • March 2019

IRENA Outlines 10-point Roadmap to Renewable Energy Growth in the Republic of Moldova

The Republic of Moldova may be one of Europe’s smaller economies but the country is big on renewable energy potential. According to an International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) report in 2017, the cost-competitive potential for solar...

  • February 2019

World Government Summit Calls for Urgent Energy Transformation and Climate Action

World leaders currently meeting at the World Government Summit in Dubai called for greater ambition and action to fight climate change. 

  • February 2019

New Initiatives on Renewable Energy Launched at World Government Summit 2019

Global Council on SDG7 announced a number of new initiatives aimed at shifting SDG implementation into high gear through renewable energy.

  • February 2019

Future Renewable Energy Innovations to be Revealed at EU Commission

Director-General Amin to launch IRENA 'Innovation Landscape' report in Brussels

  • February 2019

Meet the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Korea to IRENA

South Korea aims to install 48 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy capacity by 2030, enough to supply 20 per cent of its domestic power needs. With a 4GW solar and wind complex under development including a record breaking 3GW solar park, the...

  • February 2019

Strong Ties Between Public and Private Sectors Key to Accelerating Renewables

A new strategic paper by IRENA’s Coalition for Action, Towards 100% Renewable Energy, shows more than 50 countries and over 280 states, regions and cities have already committed to some sort of 100% renewable energy target.

  • February 2019

To Make the Energy Transformation a Success, Be Unafraid to Fail

During a Ministerial Roundtable at IRENA’s 9th Assembly, government officials gathered to examine new, disruptive innovations emerging that are changing the ways in which energy systems are configured and operate. 

  • January 2019