A Just and Fair Energy Transition: An opportunity to tackle climate change and create prosperity

The UN climate conference COP24 in Katowice reminds us of the imperative of a just energy transition on our pathway towards a climate-safe future.

  • December 2018

Why Renewable Energy Is a Key Solution to Climate Change

The global energy landscape is witnessing a rapid and wide-ranging change driven by an unprecedented growth of renewables due to falling costs and advances in technology. In this interactive story, see why a global energy system powered by renewable...

  • December 2018

Renewables are the key to a climate-safe world

Renewable energy, together with energy efficiency, form the cornerstone of the world’s mitigation strategy. They represent a safe, reliable, affordable and immediately deployable pathway to a low-carbon future. 

  • November 2018

Wind energy offshore

Renewables offer G20 countries the best opportunity to achieve climate goals

Renewables are, in combination with energy efficiency, the key to uncoupling economic growth from an increase in emissions. IRENA analysis estimates that G20 countries hold 75% of the global renewables deployment potential by 2030.

  • November 2018

IRENA’s Sixteenth Council Concludes

Governing body discusses energy access, corporate sourcing, the energy transition, and the future direction of the Agency.

  • November 2018

Making power systems more flexible as global energy transition accelerates

With a new report and tool to assess the flexibility of the power system – the FlexTool – IRENA opens a new work stream that support its members in finding the most cost-effective mix of flexibility solutions.

  • November 2018

Blockchain: A New Tool to Accelerate the Global Energy Transformation

Few technological innovations have captured the public interest in recent years as much as blockchain. Blockchain in energy has huge potential. 

  • November 2018

Saving Lives With the Sun

Today, the power of the sun is saving lives around the world through its ability to power essential lifesaving equipment in remote and mobile clinics, and sustain hospitals in the event of natural disasters or other power outages.

  • November 2018

IOREC Underway: Leaders Gather to Unlock Investment and Accelerate Off-grid Deployment

Delegates are sharing ideas and insights on the future of standalone and mini-grid renewable energy solutions and are identifying ways to scale-up their adoption.

  • November 2018

Enabling Policies Can Unlock Renewable Energy Investments in ASEAN, IRENA Outlines

In a presentation to ASEAN Energy Ministers, Mr. Adnan Z. Amin, the Director-General of IRENA reinforced the Agency’s support for the region’s aspirational renewable energy target of 23 per cent of total primary energy by 2025. 

  • October 2018