IRENA Pre-Assembly Live Coverage

2nd edition of the IRENA Youth Forum: The New Generation of Decision Makers 6th IRENA Legislators Forum: Parliamentary actions to scale up renewable investments: Renewable energy as an enabler of services Public-Private Dialogue –...

  • January 2021

Meet the Permanent Representative of Tonga to IRENA

IRENA spoke to the Permanent Representative of Tonga to the Agency, His Excellency Honourable 'Akau'ola, to learn more about the country’s ambitions and the importance of private sector involvement to the energy transition.

  • December 2020

Aligning Recovery with Climate Efforts in Latin America and the Caribbean

The two-day virtual event gathered participants from government institutions, development partners, media and non-governmental organizations, serving as a platform for exchanging experiences, lessons learned and best practices in the LAC region...

  • December 2020

Leading Renewable Players Urge Governments to Re-align Recovery Measures with Paris Agreement

In a renewed call to action, over 100 leading renewable energy players, as members of the IRENA Coalition for Action, urge governments to place a renewables-based energy transition at the heart of an economic recovery from COVID-19 to secure a...

  • December 2020

The East African Rift: Realising the Region’s Geothermal Potential

Geothermal potential of the East African Rift has been largely unrealised due to various challenges. Adequate policies and regulatory regimes would increase the flow of geothermal investments into the region.

  • November 2020

"Race to Zero" Energy Day Concludes with Call to Act on Energy Transition

Non-state actors of the global energy community sent a strong call for policy-makers to make a sharp turn towards a climate-safe future by prioritising the energy transition globally.

  • November 2020

IRENA drives UN Climate Action Pathway on Energy

As the lead of the energy group within the UNFCCC’s multi-stakeholder climate action effort, IRENA worked on the development of Climate Action Pathway for Energy, placing energy transitions as a critical solution for a post-COVID-19 green...

  • November 2020

Institutional Capital: Closing the Energy Transformation Investment Gap

The energy transformation is unstoppable. To achieve the acceleration necessary, all available sources of capital will need to be activated.

  • November 2020

IRENA's 19th and 20th Council Meetings Conclude

Governing body convened virtually to chart the Agency’s course through challenging times

  • November 2020

Renewable Energy Solutions for Climate-Safe Cities

Renewable energy solutions can be the backbone of urban decarbonization efforts, a new report finds.

  • November 2020