Off-grid Renewables are Growing, Bringing Socio-economic Benefits to Millions

IRENA brief highlights positive momentum for off-grid renewable energy, and its transformative impact as a key pillar of Sustainable Development Goal 7.

  • July 2018

Sustainable, Modern Energy Dominates Discussion at UN Forum

High-Level Political Forum reaffirms renewable energy’s central role in achieving global sustainable development goals.

  • July 2018

Scaling-up the energy transformation will bring significant benefits

 A fast-moving global energy transformation is underway - driven by technological innovation, dramatic cost declines, positive socio-economic benefits and the imperative to decarbonise our economies.

  • July 2018

IRENA to Integrate Iraq’s New Solar Map into Global Atlas

New solar resource map will help identify the best solar resources for informing and facilitating renewable energy planning across the country.

  • June 2018

Central America Progresses Towards Development of Clean Energy Corridor

Central America’s potential to develop variable renewable energy is significant, and recent capacity additions in El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama point to a bright future for wind and solar adoption in the region. But to stimulate the...

  • June 2018

Lower Cost, Stable Supply, Economic Growth - a Village in Mali Shifts to Solar

Mali is heavily reliant on fossil fuel imports. As a result, around three-quarters of the country’s mostly rural population lack basic energy needs like electricity access. They are ready for change. 

  • June 2018

New IRENA Tool to Help Estimate Storage Costs

IRENA launched an electricity storage tool that enables users to undertake a rapid, but robust, analysis of the relative economic suitability of 13 different electricity storage technologies across 12 stationary storage applications.

  • June 2018

Active Participation of Women Essential to the Global Energy Transformation

Women comprise roughly half the world’s population. Their full inclusion is vital to ensuring that the new energy economy is based on the largest pool of talent and knowledge.

  • June 2018

Shaping the EU’s Energy Future at EU Sustainable Energy Week

IRENA will be sharing our experience, latest findings, and recommendations on the global energy transformation in a range of panel discussions.

  • June 2018

Offshore Wind: From the Margins to the Centre-Ground

New IRENA report reveals best practices in standardisation to drive the globalisation of offshore wind technology.

  • May 2018