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The EV Effect: Markets are Betting on the Energy Transition

Electromobility has a major role to play in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. IRENA’s transformation pathway estimates that 350 million electric vehicles (EVs) will be needed by 2030, kickstarting developments in the industry and...

  • February 2021
  • |
  • Dolf Gielen

Engaging the Climate Generation in Global Energy Transition

Renewable energy is at the heart of global efforts to secure a sustainable future. Partnering with young people to amplify calls for the global energy transition is an essential part of this endeavour, as they represent a major driver of development,...

  • January 2021
  • |
  • Riccardo Toxiri

The COVID-19 Recovery Offers Opportunities to Address Climate Crisis

Here is why raising the climate ambitions expressed in the NDCs today is a smart move, both for the economies and climate targets.

  • December 2020
  • |
  • Costanza Strinati

Future Energy Systems Need Clear AI Boundaries

Rapidly evolving smart technology is helping to make power generation and distribution more efficient and sustainable. AI and the Big Data that drives it have become an absolute necessity.  Beyond just facilitating and optimising, these are now...

  • December 2020
  • |
  • Daria Bierla Gazzola

How Domestic Currency Lending Can Accelerate the Energy Transition

Domestic financial institutions are best placed to mitigate credit risks, access competent technical assistance and assess renewable energy investments, they represent a reliable partners in RE project development.

  • December 2020
  • |
  • Arjun Guha

Sustainable Healthcare and Energy Ecosystems for the ‘Last Mile’

It is critical to quantify and contextualise the energy needs for healthcare facilities, in particular for countries with electricity access deficits where the delivery of quality healthcare to isolated, ‘last-mile’ communities poses a...

  • November 2020
  • |
  • Ali Yasir