IRENA Council Held Against Backdrop of Global Energy and Climate Crisis

The 23rd IRENA Council opens today to discuss efforts in scaling-up the energy transition against a backdrop of rising fossil fuel prices and climate concerns.
  • May 2022

Decarbonised Energy Pathway More Cost Effective than Polluting Alternatives in Central America

IRENA analysis shows region can pursue more ambitious energy transition agenda, gaining cost benefits while achieving socio-economic and climate objectives.
  • March 2022

IRENA and OLADE Reinforce Commitment to Boost Renewables in Latin America and the Caribbean

OLADE and IRENA have signed a new agreement to work closely in efforts to scale up the deployment of renewable energy in the Latin American and Caribbean region as it pursues ambitious 2030 goals.
  • November 2021

IRENA and the IPHE Forge Ties to Build a Green Hydrogen Economy Globally

IRENA and IPHE agree to closely work on the rapid growth in hydrogen deployments and use globally.
  • October 2021

Wind, Solar and Hydrogen Can Increase Energy Security in Paraguay

IRENA offers recommendations to diversify the country’s energy mix to mitigate the effects of climate change and boost economic development.
  • September 2021

IRENA and World Government Summit Sign Partnership to Advance Energy Transition

Two parties will use convening power to advance solutions and build cooperation to support governments as they pursue sustainable development.
  • August 2021

China and IRENA Boost Ties as Leading Renewables Market Eyes Carbon Neutrality Goals

IRENA and National Energy Administration of China sign MoU to advance the transition and cooperate on market development.
  • June 2021

Enhanced Financial Instruments Needed to Accelerate Renewables Deployment in Tunisia

The report outlines recommendations to help Tunisia achieve its 30% renewables goal while boosting growth and development.
  • June 2021

IRENA Council Meets with Spotlight on Energy Transition and Food Systems

The Council meetings will take place on the 25th and 26th May, with a special session on energy and food systems being held and live broadcast on the 24th May.
  • May 2021

IRENA and China State Grid Agree to Advance Transition Through Power System Enhancements

IRENA and SGCC have signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will see the two organisations work closely to support grid enhancements, system flexibility and sector-coupling in China and IRENA’s Clean Energy Corridor regions.
  • April 2021