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RES4Africa, IRENA, UNECA Push Actions to Maximise Socio-economic Gains for Africa

RES4Africa Foundation, IRENA and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) presented their first joint report in occasion of the European Union-Africa Business Forum.
  • February 2022

India and IRENA Strengthen Ties as Country Plans Major Renewables and Hydrogen Push

India signals intention to broaden renewable technology base including to green hydrogen.
  • January 2022

El Salvador Eyes Major Renewables Push Under New Partnership with IRENA

Country’s National Energy Policy to put the energy transition centre-stage of national economic and social agendas.
  • January 2022

Hydrogen Economy Hints at New Global Power Dynamics

IRENA says green hydrogen could disrupt global trade and bilateral energy relations, reshaping the positioning of states with new hydrogen exporters and users emerging.
  • January 2022

IRENA-AfDB report: Energy Transition Central to Africa’s Economic Future

Report suggests need for comprehensive policy framework towards an African Green Deal to overcome structural dependencies, raise GDP by 6.4% and create 26 million jobs by 2050.
  • January 2022

Twelfth IRENA Assembly to Build Energy Transition Momentum Post-COP26

Virtual Assembly to drive an ‘action agenda’ into 2022 and beyond.
  • January 2022

IRENA and Alliance for Rural Electrification Agree to Boost Off-Grid Renewables

The two parties will work closely together on de-risking investments in decentralised renewable energy systems.
  • December 2021

Costa Rica and IRENA Sign Partnership to Advance National Decarbonisation Plan

Agreement signed by H.E. President Carlos Alvarado Quesada and Francesco La Camera on visit to the IRENA HQ in Abu Dhabi.
  • December 2021

Energy Community Meets to Advance Off-Grid Renewables in Pursuit of SDGs and Climate Goals

IRENA’s International Off-grid Renewable Energy Conference (IOREC) held virtually for the first time, gathers global stakeholders to mobilise investments.
  • November 2021

IRENA and OLADE Reinforce Commitment to Boost Renewables in Latin America and the Caribbean

OLADE and IRENA have signed a new agreement to work closely in efforts to scale up the deployment of renewable energy in the Latin American and Caribbean region as it pursues ambitious 2030 goals.
  • November 2021