Regional Market Analyses

IRENA's Renewable Energy Market Analysis series aims to capture the wealth of knowledge and experience in a region and identify emerging renewable energy trends and themes at the intersection of public policy and market development. The studies encompass broader economic and energy sector trends as well as renewable energy investment and policy developments in each region and address issues of specific relevance as ‘in-focus’ discussions.

So far, IRENA has released five such analyses:

Renewable Energy Market Analysis: Southeast Europe (2019) sheds light on energy, policy and financial conditions in the region, with a focus on the biomass sector and the specific benefits that diversified renewable energy deployment could bring to Southeast Europe.



Annual economic growth in Southeast Asia exceeds 4 % and energy consumption has doubled in just over two decades.  Renewable Energy Market Analysis: Southeast Asia (2018) examines the challenges of economic and population growth, the need to boost energy supply, and growing environmental and energy security concerns.



Renewable Energy Market Analysis: GCC 2019 assesses the prospects for renewables to diversify both national economies and the combined GCC energy mix while also contributing to global sustainable development. IRENA updated the report amid rapid uptake of renewables across the region. Renewable Energy Market Analysis: The GCC Region (2016) first highlighted key opportunities and barriers in the sector.


Latin America hosts some of the world’s most dynamic renewable energy markets and some countries generate almost all of their electricity from renewable sources. Renewable Energy Market Analysis: Latin America (2017) offers a comprehensive review of the status and trends in the region’s renewable energy development.