IRENA-IEA-ETSAP Technology Briefs

January 2013

This series of technology briefs provides technical background information, analyses market potential and barriers, and provides insights for policy makers on key types of renewable energy technology. The briefs, produced by IRENA in collaboration with the International Energy Agency’s Energy Technology Systems Analysis Programme (IEA-ETSAP), cover different technologies or processes:

IRENA Briefs

Electric Vehicles

Biofuels for Aviation

Biogas for Road Vehicles

Renewable Energy Options for Shipping

Ocean Energy Technology Briefs


Wind Power

Renewable Energy Integration in Power Grids


Biomass for Heat and Power

Solar Heat for Industrial Processes

Solar Heating and Cooling for Residential Applications

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)

Solar Photovoltaics

Heat Pumps

Thermal Storage

Electricity Storage

Biomass Co-firing

Bio-methanol Production

Desalination Using Renewable Energy

Bio-ethylene Production

Liquid Biofuel Production