Sustainable Energy Marketplace Webinar, in English and Spanish

25 November 2015 | Energy Transition

Presentation of IRENA’s new web-based tool, the Sustainable Energy Marketplace in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Please note that from 9:00-10:00 EST, the webinar will be in English, and from 10:30-11:30 EST, the same webinar will be conducted in Spanish. The Sustainable Energy Marketplace will help to develop and drive investments to new renewable energy projects in Latin America and the Caribbean, and thus support in scaling up investments towards the need and opportunity in the region. The platform brings together project owners, financiers, service & technology providers and governments.

In this webinar IRENA & IDB will:

  • explain how the marketplace works,
  • describe what the benefits are for the registered project owners and developers, and
  • announce a new call for proposals for grant funds being offered by the IDB.

The participation in this hands-on webinar is important not only to understand the concept and benefits but also to show in practice how the registration works, what information will be requested from project owners in order to join the platform, and how to use the marketplace. It will also be important for the purpose of attracting applicants to the grant program for sustainable energy project development. During the webinar the participants will also be able to ask questions.

The agenda for the webinar is the following:

  • IDB’s call for proposal, Francisco Arango, IDB
  • Marketplace presentation and online demo, Aleksi Lumijarvi, IRENA
  • Q&A and closing of the webinar: Alberto Bernardini, IRENA