Achieving High Shares of Renewables on Islands: The Role of Grid Codes

17 August 2016 | Islands

A number of countries including small islands are demonstrating that a higher share of VRE is possible, as long as you implement the appropriate technical, operational and regulatory measures. These technical requirements (measures) have been documented in grid codes as more experience has been gained in this area. In this webinar a collection of good practices and lessons learnt from different countries in developing grid codes will be presented. It will be supported with practical case studies of small island states that already designed grid connection codes which fit their local conditions as well as policy targets for VRE. The webinar is conducted as part of a series of technical knowledge exchange and learning activities for utility executives, engineers and power system operators in the Caribbean which is facilitated by the CARILEC Renewable Energy Community (CAREC) in cooperation with IRENA, under the umbrella of the SIDS Lighthouses Initiative.