Project Navigator

21 November 2016 | Finance & Investment

Sign up for the upcoming IRENA Project Navigator webinar on Solar PV project development. IRENA Project Navigator is an online platform providing comprehensive & easily accessible practical information, tools & guidance to assist in the development of bankable renewable energy projects. Despite a rise in installed generation capacity worldwide, the deployment of renewable energy can at times be challenging because some projects may not meet certain required standards to obtain the necessary financial support. Added to this, there is a perception of high technology risk, cumbersome administrative procedures, insufficient transparency in the project cycle, as well as limited access to institutional and commercial financing instruments.

The new Project Navigator utility-scale solar PV Technical Concept Guidelines supports the development of solar PV projects from inception up to operations by providing users with guidance, knowledge and tools that cover the complete lifecycle of a project. In addition, it offers practical resources such as financial models, checklists and evaluation forms to assist developers at different stages of the process. With these features, the platform supports its users in gathering strategic information, addressing risks, taking informed decisions and using resources efficiently towards successful project financing and implementation.

On November 21st 2pm CET you will discover the utility-scale solar PV Technical Concept Guidelines with insights and recommendations to develop bankable projects. The session will provide insights on the resources and tools available on the IRENA Project Navigator platform with relevant insights from experts from the field.

Preliminary agenda:

  • Presentation of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), background and context for Project Navigator
  • Walkthrough of the IRENA Project Navigator platform;
  • Presentation of the new Utility-Scale Solar PV guidelines;
  • Case study on the development of a utility-scale;
  • Q&A Session.


For more information visit our Project Navigator website.